No-Touch Bug Grabber

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Just because you love nature and the outdoors doesn't mean you need to love creepy crawlies in your home, right!?

For those of us who dread chasing after certain terrifying bugs, and the sensation of grabbing and squeezing a live bug to get rid of it from our home, you need to read on.

How do you usually deal with bugs? Maybe you...

  • use a bunch of paper towels or kleenex
  • use a shoe or rolled up newspaper beforehand
  • have invented your own unique method to get through

Though we all have found our method that allows us to get through (or maybe we call someone else to help!), all options seem HORRIBLE don't they.

But now, AT LAST, this revolting but unavoidable part of your life has been SOLVED!

The No-Touch Bug Grabber is a life-changing tool for people like you (and I, frankly) who don't care for touching, squishing, and dealing with bugs in any way.


  • Remove bugs from your home or space from a safe, comfortable distance
  • Gently traps bugs in plastic bristles--no squishing or smashing
  • Never touch a bug again, even through a paper towel!
  • Either flush bugs or release them outside
  • Includes sanitary cap for storage

Get your No-Touch Bug Grabber today and arm yourself with the best tool for handling bugs.


LIMITED STOCK – Only 100 Units Available.

May take 15-28 days to arrive due to high demand.

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