Hands-Free Screen Door: Walk Right Through & Magnets Automatically Close Screen Door Behind You

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Have kids that somehow don't remember to close the screen door after a million reminders so mosquitos & flies invade your house?

Got a door you'd like to keep open for a nice breeze, but it doesn't have a screen door?

Got a crummy storm door you're sick of but don't want the hassle of replacing with a new one?

Sick of loud BANGING screen doors?

Why can't we let in the nice weather, while keeping out the annoying critters?

Somehow keeping bugs out of our house while still being able to freely go in and out is SUCH a PAIN!!

Well, we should say it WAS a pain.

Now, this new, affordable, easily-installed solution is available for all your summer bug challenges.

This magnetic screen door allows you to simply push right through the door on your way out or in, and it automatically closes behind you without a thought.

Easily installs in minutes with sticky velcro strips you place around your door frame. Then, the screen sticks to the velcro. We also provide additional tacks to hold the screen in place for a slightly more permanent solution.

The biggest challenge is to find your tape measure to measure the width of your door! Go, and do it right now, and you'll thank yourself later!

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